Japanese Baked Mussels in Dynamite Sauce

japanese baked mussels

Japanese Baked Mussels are one of my favorite appetizers offered at sushi restaurants. I have no clue of its origins or authenticity. Some might say it's as authentic as fortune cookies or Sweet and Sour Pork. Whatever the case may be, they are delicious without a doubt.

The mussels are baked in a spicy mayonnaise based sauce often called a Dynamite Sauce. This is the same sauce used in Seafood Dynamite and often on top of baked rolls or even spicy scallop hand rolls. Mmmm... Master the Dynamite Sauce and you'll have yourself an ...

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Chinese Egg Rolls

Chinese egg rolls...a staple in every Chinese household and a favorite for entertaining. Most east Asian regions have their own variation of egg rolls. The Chinese version is mostly filled with vegetables, most commonly cabbage, and a small amount of ground pork. Our family version is just that...cabbage with a wee bit of ground pork for flavor. What makes our recipe different from others is that we also add vermicelli which tends to make the filling very light and fluffy. It's easy to gobble up ...

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