Kitchen Equipment

A Well Seasoned Wok

well seasoned wok

Every kitchen needs a well seasoned wok. It is easily the most versitile pan in our kitchen. Those who don't own one have no idea what they are missing out on. And those who own one, don't know how they every got by without it.

Not just any wok will do. A wok is similar to an iron skillet, if you buy the right one now, and treat it with care, it gets better over time. They key to owning a wok it that it MUST be well seasoned before you begin to use it. Avoid those non-stick, teflon versions as they won't give you what you need (and they are toxic at high tempuratures).


Good Cutlery

kitchen knives

A good set of kitchen knives is another essential for any kitchen (Asian cooking or not). Weather it be a high end steel knife set or a combination of a metal and ceramic knife, be ready to invest some money here.

There is nothing worse than having to 'saw' through your food as you cut it. Sharp, well honed knives will not only speed up your cooking process, it will help avoid injuries. Believe it or not, the majority of injuries are due to dull knives.

ceramic knives